Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Luke Fidge of Walla Walla receives WSU's Crimson Spirit Award

On Monday, October 15th, Luke Fidge, Senior Media Technician at the WSU Learning Center and a WWCC grad, was awarded the WSU Crimson Spirit Award by Dr. Randy Baldree, the SE District Director for WSU Extension. The Crimson Spirit Award is a special monthly commendation for superior efforts in quality service and outstanding commitment. Dr. Baldree presented the award to Luke on behalf of WSU President, Dr. Elson Floyd. Also there to show their appreciation for Luke’s fine work were Marilyn Galusha, Director of Walla Walla Community College’s Health Sciences Education program, William Storms, Director of WWCC’s Technology Services, Dr. Rebecca Cardell and Anne Mason, WSU Nursing faculty in Walla Walla, and other members of WWCC’s Technology Services team. Dr. Rob McDaniel, Associate Dean of Extension, congratulated Luke via an ITV hook-up to the WSU President’s Office in Olympia.

Thanks to the collaboration between Walla Walla Community College and Washington State University, both institutions together offer the Walla Walla community several pathways to higher education. One of those pathways makes it possible for students to take Certified Nurse Assistant training and an Associate Degree in Nursing at WWCC, and then transfer on to WSU’s Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs in Nursing. To date, 27 local students have received their Bachelor’s in Nursing degrees through this program and 7 have completed a Masters in Nursing.

WSU nursing classes are offered via interactive videoconferencing technology here on Walla Walla Community College’s campus. For the last three years, Luke Fidge has been responsible for making sure that close to 40 hours per week of WSU courses are received and broadcast in optimum conditions. To achieve this, Luke works closely with WSU media staff throughout the state, with Walla Walla Community College’s technical personnel, with WSU College of Nursing and other WSU faculty, and with the students attending the classes. This summer, Luke assisted WWCC with ITV room designs and installation in both their new Nursing buildings (in Walla Walla and Clarkston), as well as in the new Water Center. Luke has carried out all of these responsibilities with great skill, and has created an atmosphere of respect and trust with those with whom he interacts. The Crimson Spirit Award was given to Luke in recognition of his exceptional performance.