Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Drumming Inspires a Community Cultural Event

On Tuesday, April 18, 2006, the Associated Student Body groups from the Community Colleges of Spokane-Colville Center and the WSU Distance Degree Programs invited the public to a free concert held in the Colville CCS-Rendezvous Theater.

True to the advertisement in the Statesman Examiner, Drum Brothers of Missoula, Montana, entertained a delighted audience while simultaneously teaching the beauties of cultural diversity through music. The theater was filled to capacity and overflowing with people sitting the foyer.

Listeners were engaged with the musicians and all were invited to participate through movement and dance. It was truly a delightful and educational evening listening to a mix of ethnic and contemporary world sounds.

As a former student and graduate of CCS and WSU Distance Degree Program, I would like to thank those in administration for approving the expenditure of ASB funds for this event.

The quality of this presentation is the sort of thing that builds bridges between the taxpayer and the colleges/universities. I observed that families of college students were able to attend this family friendly event because there was no charge.

I encourage the administration to continue to approve expenditures of ASB funds for these educational programs that engage and educate the community in such a positive manner.

Sally DeSpain, M.A.
WSU Distance Degree Programs Graduate, 2001